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Renault Trucks
Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks manufactures and distributes a range of commercial vehicles from 2.8 to 44 tonnes, and provides accompanying services, which are designed for its customers’ activities of delivery, distribution, construction and long haul. Renault Trucks boasts 1,150 service points across Europe.


The Renault Trucks workforce is committed to satisfying the demands of road hauliers. The company, always attentive to customer needs, has set itself the goal of continuing to seek quality transport solutions by offering products and services that deliver reliability, cost-effectiveness, comfort and performance. By constantly developing its powerful values such as commitment, customer intimacy and honesty, Renault Trucks aims to meet its objectives and consolidate its development.


Driven by its conviction that the world cannot function without trucks and that our modern society depends on them for its existence, Renault Trucks provides solid support to truck operators, constantly striving to give the road haulage industry, its customers and their drivers a new sense of pride.


Everything Renault Trucks undertakes is characterised by three key values:


Commitment: the company has set itself the mission of supplying truck operators with the most efficient working tools which also have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Similarly, it supports them in the vital contribution they make towards ensuring that our modern economies operate smoothly.


Honesty: as a responsible player in its field, Renault Trucks is fully aware of what society and national economies need and reflects the true facts. An expert on questions of transport and mobility, Renault Trucks dares to state and reassert the important role played by road transport.


Customer intimacy: Renault Trucks develops and maintains close links with its customers and its drivers, allowing it to fully understand their wants and needs, provide them with greater satisfaction and support them at key moments.


Renault Trucks vehicle range includes:

  • Renault Magnum – Long haulage

  • Renault Premium Long Distance – Long haulage

  • Renault Premium Distribution – Local and regional distribution

  • Renault Midlum – Local and regional distribution

  • Renault Premium Lander – Construction

  • Renault Kerax – Construction

  • Renault Master – Light delivery

  • Renault Maxity – Light delivery 



Renault Magnum

Renault Magnum

Renault Magnum is Renault’s flagship vehicle and is available from 18 to 26 tonnes GVW (44T GCW). Renault Magnum is designed for on-demand and international transportation.

Renault Magnum offers one of the most spacious cabs on the market. There is extensive storage volume within the cab and its flat floor, top-quality materials and finish, combined with redesigned interior colour schemes, makes the Renault Magnum an iconic vehicle for onboard comfort.

Renault Magnum's ergonomically-designed dashboard houses all the driving controls and instruments you need.



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Renault Premium Long Distance

Renault Premium Long Distance

Renault Premium Long Distance is available from 18 to 26 tonnes GVW (44T GCW) and is recommended for regional and national organised transport.

Whatever the application, on-demand consignments, tanker or refrigerated transport, Renault Premium Long Distance is the truck of choice. Powerful, imposing and stylish, it has all the attributes for long-haul applications and stands out as the leader in the long distance transport sector.

Renault Premium Long Distance delivers class-leading fuel efficiency and one of the best payloads on the market.



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Renault Premium Distribution

Renault Premium Distribution

Renault Premium Distribution is available from 18 to 26 tonnes GVW and suits a variety of distribution needs including waste collection and vehicle transport.

Renault Premium Distribution offers excellent payload capabilities so you can transport more freight, reduce the number of trips you make and increase profitability.

Engineered as a heavy distribution specialist, Renault Premium Distribution presents exceptional features in a comprehensive range of vehicles ready to be adapted to your needs and its chassis is optimised to make bodybuilding easier and more efficient.



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Renault Midlum

Renault Midlum

Renault Midlum is available from 7.5 to 18 tonnes GVW and suits a variety of distribution needs including waste collection and controlled temperature transport.

The extensive Renault Midlum vehicle range allows a large number of different combinations in terms of GVW, engine size, silhouette, wheelbase and cab options.

The Renault Midlum chassis is designed to ensure easy bodybuilding and rapid adaptation to specific vocational requirements.



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Renault Premium Lander

Renault Premium Lander

Renault Premium Lander is available from 18 to 32 tonnes GVW and is perfect for construction site supply where versatility and payload are of prime importance.

As much at home on the road as on rougher terrain, Renault Premium Lander is particularly suitable for concrete transport applications, building materials distribution, industrial waste and bulk foodstuff transport or road repair works.



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Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax

Renault Kerax is available from 18 to 32 tonnes GVW and is particularly suited for on site construction requirements calling for robustness and pulling power.

Renault Kerax operates under the most severe working conditions, carrying maximum loads with optimal mobility while remaining economical and offering genuine driving comfort.

This vehicle boasts extensive payload and outstanding ground clearance capacity over rough terrain. Renault Kerax is available in all configurations demanded by the construction industry and offers all pre-equipment requirements designed for building activities.



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Renault Master

Renault Master

Renault Master is available in panel van, chassis cab and platform cab versions from 2.8 to 4.5 tonnes GVW. The panel van version is designed for delivery specialists and has one of the best payloads and low loading heights on the market. The chassis cab version is designed to be fitted with a wide range of body equipment and boosts a large payload and towing capacity.

Whether for temperature controlled transport, building works, courier services or equipment transport, Renault Master is the right choice to meet the demands of most professions. Offering higher payloads than before, and with chassis lengths available to suit your needs, this vehicle is ready to move almost anything.



Renault Maxity

Renault Maxity

Renault Maxity is available from 3.4 to 3.5 tonnes GVW and is the ideal LCV for city centres. This compact delivery vehicle offers outstanding manoeuvrability and an excellent payload. Practical, reliable and comfortable, it is ideal for construction, environmental and service trades, as well as general deliveries and, in particular, temperature controlled applications.

Its compact size and manoeuvrability, combined with one of the best payloads on the market, optimised operating costs and a tighter turning radius, makes Renault Maxity your best ally for city centre driving.



Contact Information

Renault Trucks UK Ltd

Houghton Hall Business Park
Porz Avenue

Tel: 0870 60 60 660


Best Commercial Vehicle Range Renault Trucks’ vehicles were voted Best Commercial Vehicle Range by the Institute of Transport Management for 2011
Dealer of the Year Renault Trucks Midlands was voted Dealer of the Year at the Motor Transport Awards in 2009


Brian Daly takes delivery of special edition Renault Premium race truck RENAULT PREMIUM Truck Picture
Ireland’s Brian Daly Transport, one of the country’s leading warehousing and logistics companies has taken delivery of a new Renault Premium Truck Racing Special Series tractor unit
Special Edition Used Premiums Unveiled by Renault Truckplus RENAULT PREMIUM Truck Picture
A special edition used vehicle, the Premium Selection, has been unveiled by Renault Truck's used network, Truckplus. They feature Premium 6x2 and 4x2 tractor unit, which are picked form the very best used vehicles available and come with a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.
C&A Haulage Receive Renault Premium Lander RENAULT PREMIUM Truck Picture
Maidenhead's C&A Haulage has taken delivery of its first 430bhp, 8x4 rigid Renault Premium Lander which was supplied by Renault Trucks South
Renault Lander For Transwaste RENAULT PREMIUM Truck Picture
Waste management services company, Transwaste Recycling and Aggregates Limited, has taken delivery of its first Renault Lander 310.26 6x2.
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