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DAF Trucks

DAF Trucks

DAF are a Dutch truck manufacturer based in Eindhoven. It started in 1928 by Hubert van Doorne, and the name derives from Van Doorne's Aanhangwagen Fabriek. After the Second World War, DAF seized the opportunity to develop cars and trucks, which were in great demand at the time.

DAF cars were bought and rebadged as Volvo's in the mid 70's, but DAF Trucks continued and merged with Leyland Trucks in 1987. Perhaps DAF's most famous trucks was their 1988 International Truck of the Year 95-series. Not only did it provide excellent cabin comfort, but it featured a 12 litre I6 ATi engine with a 16 speed ZF gearbox.

DAF today are owned by PACCAR and are the only truck manufacturer to still produce trucks in the UK. They make up almost 15% of HGV market share within the EU. Their range includes:

  • LF Series - Local and regional distribution
  • CF Series - Local and regional distribution/long distance haulage/construction
  • XF Series - Long distance haulage

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