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Scania Trucks

Scania Trucks

Scania are a heavy trucks manufacturer based in Sodertalje in eastern Sweden. Scania was founded as a bicycle factory in Malmo in 1900, and had produced its first truck by 1905. In 1911, Scania merged with Sodertalje-based Vabis, to become Scania-Vabis, and eventually moved all of its production facilities there by 1929.  

Becoming renowned around Europe for their durable engines and safety, in 1969, Scania-Vabis merged with Saab to become SaabScania, just a couple of months after launching the most powerful truck engine in Europe.   

An independent brand again, Scania are still well known for safety and durable engines, and today employ 34,000 people within the 100 countires in which they operate. Scania makes up 15.7% of the UK market share and operates 90 service points nationwide.

The current models Scania offers are:

  • P-Series - Local and regional distribution and light construction
  • G-Series - Long haulage and heavy construction
  • R-Series - Long haulage


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