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Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks began life began in 1928, a small factory in Gothenburg, Sweden. Since then it has grown to become the second largest truck manufacturer in the world, producing 341,875 (2005 est.) trucks and employing almost 22,000 people worldwide.

The trucks side of Volvo remained relatively low-key, until the invasion of further European countries (including UK and Ireland) in 1967, with the introduction of the critically acclaimed F88. Volvo Trucks became one of the first European manufacturers to enter the North American market, with the acquisition of the White Motor Company and Autocar.

Today, Volvo focuses mainly on long distance haulage, and produces 5 variants for the UK market:   

  • FH - Long distance haulage
  • FMX - Heavy duty construction
  • FM - Regional haulage
  • FE - Regional distribution/refuse handling/light construction
  • FL - Local and regional haulage


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